ECO-KINDFINDS ~ ~ Kind Hemp Co.

Love to find great products? Us too! 

Derek & Savannah of Kind Hemp Co. make sustainable & eco-kind hemp apparel affordable (YES!!). Renewable, organic & biodegradable too!

Hemp’s super durability with ultra-strong fibers results in Socks & Hats that will actually LAST, even with daily persistent use. 

Did you know hemp fibers are naturally anti-bacterial & anti-fungal, greatly reducing odors? BONUS after those hot days, sweaty rides or long hikes!! In addition, hemp naturally breathes, wicks moisture, plus insulates (helping to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter).

With their dream of a thriving hemp economy in America, each product purchased plants a hemp seed in the USA at local hemp farms. 

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[ Photo cred - Kind Hemp Co. ] 

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