ECO-KINDFINDS ~ ~ LOLIWARE is Taking Over Single-Use Plastic

KindLather's First ECO-KINDFINDS Featured Product

It’s Waste Reduction Week (in Canada… but hey why not in the US too??) Today targets plastic waste reduction making no better day than today to launch our first ECO-KINDFINDS featured product! 


Step aside single-use plastic ware, your replacement has arrived !!! 

Innovation at its best… Plastic free edible non-GMO bioplastics derived from SEAWEED. Launching very soon is LOLIWARE’s new brilliant invention – LOLISTRAWS. Looks & acts like a typical straw, lasts up to 24hrs in your drink, edible (optional flavors will be available), zero calories, or allow it to compost and it goes from straw to soil in 60 days or less.

All of LOLIWARE’s products are hypercompostable (like that? they developed that too!) …meaning the products break down at the same rate as food waste, sustainable, marine degradable & designed to disappear.

We are SO excited to learn of seaweed being utilized for such an important need – HUGE steps to a plastic free world. Yes, plastic free oceans too.

GENIUS idea - GENIUS use of seaweed - GENIUS women at LOLIWARE!!!

You can support + pre-order your LOLISTRAWS here: 

Eat them. Compost them. Your choice. 

Every little action you take daily in reducing your plastic footprint counts. 

[ Photo Cred – LOLIWARE ]  

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