Debut of ECO-KINDFINDS by KindLather™


So glad you asked! We are simply amazed by the many, many talented & innovative folks creating eco-conscious and/or body kind products that we keep running across or get introduced to. We are even more amazed by the orgs with the numerous & tireless folks working their butts off daily to clean up this planet & oceans as well as helping marine & wildlife.  

Wanting to support, extend kudos & share such great finds with everyone, we are debuting ECO-KINDFINDS on this day, Oct. 18, 2018.

ECO-KINDFINDS will feature: 

  • Products of brands & individuals who are also Earth-Friendly & Safe for Body focused. 

  • The orgs working their butts off around the world to clean up the planet & oceans as well rescue & rehab of both marine and wildlife. 

  • And because we LOVE nature & the outdoors + feel everyone should get outdoors more, we’ll be adding expedition & adventure service providers/guides, trailblazers, route makers & the like.  

We hope you enjoy!

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